Jamie Raskin

Jamie Raskin has been trying to warn us about White Supremecist violence

August 2017: “The chilling events in Charlottesville over the weekend have reminded Americans of the murderous dangers of white supremacy and racial terror in our land.”

August, 2019: “Rep. Raskin calls on House and Senate leadership to take immediate action to address rising threat of White supremacist terrorism”

September 2019: “DHS issues strategy to counter violent White Supremecy after multiple committee hearings”

“The Trump Administration has completely failed to recognize the threat violent white supremacists pose to public safety and national security, and it must realign our counterterrorism priorities to confront this reality. 

In addition to the FBI and DHS, other national security agencies, such as the National Counterterrorism Center, must treat transnational white supremacy as a transnational national security threat. ”

Rep. Jamie Raskin

January 6, 2020: Violent attack on US Capitol by White Supremacist groups

September 2020: “Raskin releases FBI document on White Supremacists in law enforcement”

May 2021: “Raskin held hearing on the rise of militia violent extremism”

Today: “Raskin Brings Expertise on Right-Wing Extremism to Jan. 6 Inquiry”

“Charlottesville was a rude awakening for the country,” Mr. Raskin, 59, said in an interview, rattling off a list of deadly hate crimes that had taken place in the years before the siege on the Capitol. “There is a real pattern of young, white men getting hyped up on racist provocation and incitement.”

Pay attention to Raskin.