How Can I Explain Privilege? 🤔

My dad owned an arcade. When I came in the manager flipped a switch so I had unlimited Ms Pac-Man lives

I thought this was normal. I had no idea other kids had to pay!


I got fairly good at the game, better than most

That’s privilege.


4 responses to “How Can I Explain Privilege? 🤔”

  1. Love this.
    And it is so very true for anyone with privilege: sometimes your privilege gets in the way of understanding your privilege…and around and ’round we go.
    Likewise, I think our ‘poverty’ in one area can blind us to our privilege in another. It is a deep, deep well this apathy of the soul and detachment from ours and other’s humanity. I am so very grateful to be loved by a Father who consistently reveals my privilege. Not just to be white, or a woman, or a disciple of Jesus…but to have been born in America (in spite of the fact it can resemble a dumpster fire 🔥 sometimes).

    Love and Peace,


    1. Hashim Warren Avatar
      Hashim Warren

      Yeah, I think about my American privilege often, and it’s helped me be a little more empathetic to my White neighbors who may not understand their priviledges compared to me.

  2. This is a great, memorable and simple example you’ve given of privilege. Enjoying it without even realizing you have it. As a 63- year old middle class white man, this is true for on SO MANY LEVELS. Understanding this puts me in a MUCH BETTER place. It makes me more GRATEFUL, and eager and willing to do what I can to spread the privilege around. So we’ll said! And congrats on regaining the website URL!

    1. Hashim Warren Avatar
      Hashim Warren

      thanks John! Feels good to have the website URL back! 🙂