How Lebron and the Lakers Won the NBA In-Season Tournament

The nice thing about a one-and-done tournament is the games are much easier to talk about.

The best post-game coverage of the Laker’s run came from the Heat Check YouTube channel.

Lakers vs Suns

He showed that Lebron and the Lakers beat Kevin Durant and the Suns not by out shooting them, but out rebounding them

The KD vs Lebron game is an instant classic

Lakers vs Pelicans

Lebron dared Zion Williamson to shoot, then out hustled him throughout the game

Embarrassing to watch Original Lebron humble the “New Lebron”

Lakers vs Pelicans

The Lakers game plan and brilliant Lebron/AD connection was too much for Haliburton.

Haliburton is up next, but Lebron and AD are not finished right now

MVP Lebron Played Bully Ball

I’m impressed by how focused, disciplined, and efficient Lebron was throughout this tournament. He earned that MVP award by shoot 56% from the field and 60% from three.

More than the win, Lebron has sealed the fate of the in-season tournament. Not only will we see it every year, but that competition is sure to be named “The Lebron James Cup” once he retires.